This  is a full service coin store, carrying all your supply needs. Any  supply item not in stock can usually be had within two working days.  Please stop in and browse. 

  • Harris Coin Folders in stock
  • Coin Tubes, all sizes
  • Dansco & Whitman Albums available
  • Littleton, Marcus, & Whitman Folders available
  • Magnifiers - Loops
  • Coin Vinyl Pages, including 12 pocket size to accomodate 2.5x2.5 holders
  • Currency Vinyl Pages
  • Snap-Tite and Air-Tite Coin Holders
  • Current Red Books
  • Whitman Check List
  • 2x2's, all sizes
  • Currency Holders
  • Used Coin Folders
  • Card Vinyl Pages
  • Storage Boxes
  • Reference Books

 When you come in check the supply of silver (Morgans thru Dimes, 40%  Halves and War Nickels) price based on spot. Great for investors.     


  • Rolls of Buffalo nickels 
  • Rolls of Jefferson nickels (pre 1970) 
  • Rolls of Wheatbacks 
  • Rolls of Lincolns (pre 1982) 
  • Rolls of Indian Head cents
  • Rolls of Liberty nickels
  • Rolls of Dimes (pre 1930)