Tecumseh Coins    (517) 423-7972
Dealing in Old and Collectable Coins
Tecumseh, Michigan

Dealing in Old and Collectible Coins

This is a full service coin store, carrying all your supply needs. Any supply item not in stock can usually be had within two working days. Please stop in and browse.

Harris Coin Folders in stock                       
Coin Tubes, all sizes
Dansco & Whitman Albums available       
Littleton, Marcus & Whitman Folders available          
Magnifiers - Loops
Coin Vinyl Pages, including 12 pocket size to accomodate 2.5x2.5 holders
Currency Vinyl Pages 
Snap-Tite and Air-Tite Coin Holders                        
Current Red Books  
Whitman Check List                                          
2 x 2's, all sizes 
Currency Holders
Used Coin Folders
Card Vinyl Pages
Storage Boxes
Reference Books

When you come in check the supply of silver (Morgans thru Dimes, 40% Halves and War Nickels) price based on spot. Great for investors.    
Also:                     Rolls of Buffalo nickels 
                             Rolls of Jefferson nickels (pre 1970) 
                             Rolls of Wheatbacks
                             Rolls of Lincolns (pre 1982)
                             Rolls of Indian Head cents                             
                             Rolls of Liberty nickels
                             Rolls of Dimes (pre 1930)

Google search Tecumseh Coins or Grey Fox Floral and take a virtual tour of the store.
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